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Comparator Kit Alkalinity (30 test)

CKH 1192

CKH 1192

Range : 0 - 250 mg/l

Designed for water treatment testing, aquariums, drinking water and wastewater testing, the Contour Comparator range delivers full-sized water testing in a compact visual test kit.

There are various kit configurations available (see the Contents section below), and then replacement discs and reagent packs for continued use (browse via the drop-down menus below).

  • High quality petal disc – no interpretation required, definite results only
  • Compact size with contoured profile ensuring an adequate grip with wet or gloved hands.
  • Choose either a single or dual-parameter hard case kit. Each kit contains the instrument disc(s), cuvettes, brush, stirring rods and reagents for 30 tests.

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Alkalinity, 0 - 250 mg/L CaCO3

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